(updated August 2019)

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Canon 1DX Mark II
I recently upgraded from the Canon 6D which was an incredible camera but after running 3 years with it, I felt like an upgrade was needed.
Since most of my work is done in the run & gun style I needed a camera that could perform great in both still photography and in video.
I had my eye on different companies and cameras, but I kept hearing non-stop about the 1DX II. In the end, after years of experience with Canon cameras, the incredible color right out of the shot, dual-pixel autofocus, and 120fps made me go for that beast. It's big, bulky, and sometimes uncomfortable, but unparalleled when it comes to build & image quality.
Along with it I also own 2 batteries and 2 128GB Sandisk CF and Cfast 2.0 cards.

Sigma ART 35mm 1.4
Incredible lens, sharp, quick, and beautiful bokeh. Arguably the best in the Sigma ART line.

Canon 85mm 1.8
Probably my favorite lens (and cheapest). The canon 1.8 is fast, sharp and is a great value for money.

Canon 24-105 F/4 IS Mark II
A perfect go to lens for almost every situation. The high F-stop leads to
a sharp crisp image and the IS comes really handy when filming handheld. A great lens in general

Canon 17-40 F/4

This lens was bought as a cheaper alternative to the amazing Canon 16-35 F/2.8. It’s super sharp and lightweight. Comes really handy while in landscape and for using gimbals as the weight center of the lens doesn’t shift when changing the zoom

Canon 70-200 F/2.8 Mark II

One of my favorite lenses! I really really love it! the IS (image stabilizer) is insane and I feel confident shooting handheld. It’s fast, insanely sharp and has an amazing range. The down side is the high price tag and the serious weight this lens carry. But It’s one of my top used lenses both for stills and video work.

DJI Mavic Pro 2
A perfect balance between size and quality. I've used the Mavic Pro 2 for the past year when filming multiple locations across the world.
The ND filters I use are PolarPro cinema series.

The rest:

Rode Videomic Pro
Not much to say about the Rode Videomic, I pretty much use it for almost everything I shoot. 
It's great to use even if I am unsure whether or not I am going to use the on location audio since it's so light and gives great results.

Rodelink microphone
Great LAV mic for its price, good build & sound quality. Used it for my ICELAND video and found it to be a great purchase.
I actually got rid of my Shure FP15 for this one. Perfect solution for those who are after a reliable LAV.

Zoom h4
Great as a recording device for pretty much everything, LAV mic, Ambient sound, console recording, interviews, voice overs, a MUST if you deal a lot with sound.

Glidecam HD-2000
I've been with my Glidecam since day-1. It was used in 90% of my videos. I prefer the flowing movement of the Glidecam over the robotic movement of the electronic gimbals.

My latest purchase. After years of using my trusty glidecam it finally wore out and I had to find a quick replacement for a project that came up. There’s not much to say about the Ronin-S that hasn’t been said yet and I can’t wait to see how I will implant it into my work.

Transecnd Storjet 2TB / 4TB (silicon cover)
Reliable external hard-drives. I use a dual-backup system, everything is backed up on 2 hard drives. A 3rd backup is made using Backblaze.

Lowpro 450AW
Great bag! Bought it before a job I did in India in 2015. Holds the majority of my most needed gear / lenses / drone / laptop and it's not too big

Really useful for pretty much every situation. 

Manfrotto Tripod 755B
Pretty basic Tripod, it has a ball-release in the bottom to adjust the angle of the video-head.

Sirui monopod p-204s
Honestly, it's a great buy. If you are not familiar with the Sirui monopods do a quick search about them. 
It's made out of carbon fiber, easy to use, and has many fun features over the regular monopod.
I have a Manfrotto video head to go along with the rest of my plates and quick release plates.

Intervalometer remote
I do a lot of timelapse, so this is a must-have for me. I got a cheap aperture remote from e-bay.

Macbook Pro 15" 2017
I recently moved from PC to Mac and boy, that took some adjustment. I'm still learning and adjusting my workflow to the new OS but I can definitely say the the work experience has been more fun and fluid. The Mac is built to have fun while you work and while I do miss a few key features from the PC, I find the Mac to be a great purchase. 

Programs & Software:

Adobe Creative Cloud

A great service to back up all your computers & hard drives and is my 3rd backup option.
I make sure to once a month plug in on all my external hard drives and let them auto-update.

I found BEAR to be more appealing than Apple Notes. I love the clean and easy design it offers while still offering all the features of Apple Notes.

I cannot recommend Todoist enough! It has taken over my life in terms of organisation and productivity. Easy to learn, hard to master,
Todoist will allow you to orchestra everything in your business and  your private life. Probably my most necessary app to date.

I use it to back up all my documents and project presets. From finance (the scan document option is incredibly useful) to
price quotes, creative briefs, shot lists, or any other document I would ever need.

Cause I really need to listen to some good music while I work.
Click here for my personal playlist